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Monday, October 5, 2009

How do you pitch stories to National Public Radio



We are often asked, “How do you pitch stories to National Public Radio?” People listen to National Public Radio and hear some interesting stories and think their clients would be a perfect fit. If only pitching NPR was that easy! NPR is one of radio media relations’ toughest nuts to crack. But while it may be harder to pitch NPR than other outlets, there are some tips that may yield success in garnering public radio airtime.

Pitch More Than One Reporter. National Public Radio prides itself on its rich news reporting operation. It has many types of talk shows and beat reporters who cover a wide range of issues. From the short newscasts to the longer form interviews in Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air or All Things Considered, NPR provides an abundant array of different types of topics that can work on air. So if you get a no from one reporter in one area, tweak your pitch with a little twist and try someone else. You can even ask the producer or reporter who has turned you down, if there is anyone else he or she would recommend who might be interested in the story. Be tenacious; there are a lot of places your story might work. A lot of legwork can go a long way! Click here to read more…

by Lynn Harris Medcalf

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