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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Survey Says Americans have Increased Use of Online and Radio News Sources


While Daily Newspaper and Television Use Drops According to a new study, Americans are increasingly turning to online and radio sources for news and information, while relying less on daily newspapers and television. “While traditional media isn’t going away any time soon, this does change how we as marketers reach these sought-after consumers,” says marketing, social media and public relations blogger Dave Fleet.

In the second year of a media use and credibility survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and sponsored by ARAnet, daily newspaper usage dropped 4.1 percent and television usage dropped 3.6 percent, while radio usage increased 2.9 percent and online usage increased 1.9 percent. Credibility ratings for nearly all types of media rose slightly from a year ago.

The national study of 1,000 adults measured the percentage of news and information Americans receive from various media sources each month. Consumers reported getting 31 percent of their news and information from television, and 19.4 percent from both radio and daily newspapers.

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