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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Capitalize On Radio’s Ability To Localize National Stories


Case Study: Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2009 Kids Count Data Book

In July, the Annie E. Casey Foundation utilized radio for the release of the 20th annual KIDS COUNT Data Book. The Foundation worked with Hager Sharp to capitalize on radio’s ability to localize national stories by completing 51 recordings and 24 interviews with national and local networks and top stations around the county.

The KIDS COUNT Data Book outlines improvements to the nation’s ability to design and evaluate programs aimed at the needs of children and families living in poverty. Casey makes it clear that the basis for improving the outcomes of this country’s most disadvantaged children and families lies in identifying where they are, the conditions within which they live and the effectiveness of current programs to improve outcomes. The Data Book and the new Data Center respond to this need by providing the nation with a consistent source of information about children’s well-being. read more…

~ by Susan Matthews Apgood

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