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Monday, April 11, 2011

AM/FM Combos Extend News-Talk Broadcasts


Over the last few months, radio trend watchers have likely noticed a flurry of activity around AM news and talk stations taking over FM station frequencies to give the news-talk property a clearer sound and signal.  These new AM/FM simulcast combos give the station the best of both worlds – the AM that listeners have always known and identified the station by and a new FM clearer signal upon which to broadcast their programming, allowing them to compete with other music-oriented FMs without listeners having to switch over to the AM band.

Further, these FM takeovers are often struggling properties within one station family, which allows the owner to program the station without additional station staff or resources.  Examples of the AM/FM trend include:

KBMZ-AM/FM in Kansas City at 980 and 98.1
WBEN-AM/FM in Buffalo at 930 and 107.7
WSB-AM/FM in Atlanta at 750 and 95.5
KOMO-AM/FM in Seattle at 1000 and 97.7
WBT-AM/FM in Charlotte at 1110 and 99.3
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