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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week One – Here’s What Questions We’re Posing…


In my last blog posting, I discussed the upcoming survey of stations on their use of social media. Now, the surveys have been sent out! I asked the same 50 stations surveyed in 2009 the same questions on social media. Here are the questions we asked:

1. What New Media/Social Media does your station use?
2. What role do you think New Media/Social Media has on your reporting of a news story?
3. How does your station use New Media/Social Media in newsgathering?
4. Do you use “citizen journalists” in your reporting?

5. Is Social Media a “reliable source” or do you use another source to validate information from Social Media?
6. Will Social Media replace traditional media?
My inclination is that a majority of the stations are going to be actively involved in using Social Media for their station and in their newsgathering, but I want a little more detail from the stations. The ability to accurately compare these results will make it possible to see the growth of social media in just two years. As the results come in, I will keep you updated on what stations are saying. Stay tuned…

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