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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Michael Smart: A Real Smart Guy


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a half-day Michael Smart seminar titled Perfect Pitching for PR Professionals. Now, I am no PR Professional, but after this seminar I feel like I could call any reporter and pitch them a story on dental floss.

Michael was able to instruct a room full of PR people on how to successfully pitch to reporters based on his own pitching experiences and through coaching others. His pitching techniques were successful enough to land his stories in the top media outlets in the country. The amazing thing about the examples he used was way he could turn a semi-interesting fact into an appealing and personable news story. Who knew that a story on a guy who made stamps could be turned into nationwide news? That’s just the edge that PR people need nowadays. With newsrooms downsizing and reporters becoming busier with more beats to cover it’s harder to get their attention with a story that they will actually be interested in. And PR people know this. Obviously, they need a story that will be of interest to the reporter. But just how do they that right angle? Or the perfect headline? After hearing Michael Smart speak I don’t think anyone left the seminar without a new idea or creative way to get the attention of reporters. As if the PR world couldn’t get any more competitive, it just did thanks to Mr. Smart.

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