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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Radio and the Storm


Just read a good article from Sean Ross on Ross on the Radio about how radio covered the coming storm during “Irene,” especially music-oriented radio which doesn’t necessarily stray into “news you need” territory very often.

Sean does a nice compare and contrast between the coverage one could get on news and talk radio, like WPRO and WEMP, with NJ101.5’s weekend oldies and Philadelphia’s classic hits WOGL.

While the entertainment oriented stations were dispensing important news and information, what he finds is a nice “helping each other” tone, instead of the more urgent reporting of the news and talk stations.  He also finds some lighter programming like “hurricane dance parties” and themed songs like “Dancing in the Rain” and “1999.”

Interesting to see radio as both an information lifeline and a companion during “Irene.”

Stay tuned…

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