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Friday, January 13, 2012

Survey Digs Into Station Programming Preferences


Our recent survey of 150 news/talk radio stations in the top 100 radio markets found that interviews makes up the largest proportion of on-air programming for both English and Spanish stations.

On the English side, interviews make up more than 40 percent of a stations programming, followed by wire stories at 19 percent, network feeds at 17 percent, news releases at nearly 16 percent, and listener call-ins at 8 percent.

On the Spanish side, interviews make up 34 percent of a station’s programming, followed by news releases at 24 percent, network feeds at 18 percent, listener call ins at 12 percent and wire stories at 12 percent.

That’s a lot of air time for stations to fill.  This programming need giving media relations pros an opportunity to provide stations with guests who have a compelling and timely message.

Next week, we will reveal what stations told us about what it really takes to get a story on the air.

Stay Tuned…

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