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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Apgood to Speak at Upcoming PRSA Health Academy Conference


Targeting multiple audiences, a wide range of communication objectives and an ever-shrinking budget, sound familiar? As public relations professionals, leading and organizing these missions can become difficult as news cycles become shorter but expectations continue rise.PRSA Health Academy

Susan Matthews Apgood, president and co-founder of News Generation, Inc. will be moderating a panel at the PRSA Health Academy Conference in Indianapolis this May.  Susan has personally been a PRSA member for 13 years and a communications professional for 17 years which as contributed to her many experiences with tight budgets and timelines. News Generation will be presenting with partners from the American Diabetes Association at the, “Dramatically Simplifying Your Communication Strategy Yet Still Do It All” session, which will discuss how the American Diabetes Association has successfully managed to do it all with less, and has delivered results using radio.

“Radio actually has a higher penetration than television, magazines, newspapers or the Internet. Radio has stood the test of time and routinely gets called in for duty when there’s some sort of crisis,” says Susan in her article “Oldie But A Goodie: Use Of Radio Can Dramatically Expand The Impact Of Your PR Plan” on PRSA’s blog, ComPRhension, which features guest bloggers in the industry.

“Dramatically Simplifying Your Communication Strategy Yet Still Do It All” will be held on Friday, May 3, from 10:30 to 11:45a.m. To register, visit the PRSA Health Academy Conference website or join the conversation on Twitter, #prsahealth.

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