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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tapping the Twitter Code: Gaining and Keeping Followers


As we have all seen, social media is playing a key role in broadcast media, both in news gathering and reporting, and in ongoing audience engagement.  It’s not every day, though, that the news IS social media.  On my commute the other day WTOP radio reported about a useful study out of Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing (how appropriate, right?!) which revealed how to get more Twitter followers.  In a study they believe is a first-of-its-kind, they analyzed a half-million tweets over a 15 month period and uncovered the following topline insights:

  • Informational content, attracts followers at a rate 30 times greater than “vanity content,” or twitter-bird-blue-on-whitereporting just about yourself.
  • Darker, more negative posts are a Twitter turn-off.  Stay positive if you want to attract and keep followers.
  • Keep hashtags use in check and relevant.  While hashtags can be a great way to engage in a larger conversation or even express emotion, the Georgia Tech research suggests they are off-putting when over-used.

Now I bet WTOP also tweeted about this story.  Stay tuned…

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