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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are You Using Correct Capitalization?


We have all spent countless hours of our lives writing, proofing, and re-writing papers, articles, letters, and every other kind of business or personal communication.  Whether it’s your 100 page college thesis or your latest blog post, we’ve all been there.  But, have we all been using the proper capitalization throughout these papers?  It’s easy to confuse which words, titles, names, etc. should be capitalized and which should not.  Laura Hale Brockway’s article, 10 Capitalization Rules Every Writer Should Know, lays down the law for what should and should not be capitalized.  While some, like capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and the pronoun, “I” are rules that have been drilled into us since first grade, some, frankly, are more confusing.  For example, are you capitalizing titles when they appear before names, but not after?  Take the test…of the ten she cites, how many are you getting right?

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