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Monday, August 11, 2014

Videos: The News Generation Team Talks PR Ethics in Three-Part Series


Ethics is a hot topic in the public relations industry. Deciding what is ethical or unethical can be difficult in sticky situations. Susan Apgood, Jeff Gibbons and Kelsey Pospisil of the News Generation team share their guiding professional ethical principles and how they live by them in this first video of a three-part ethics series.



After developing your professional ethical principles, the next step is applying them to your career. In video two of this three-part series, Susan, Jeff and Kelsey share how they translate their ethical principles and values over to the workplace, and how they mesh with New Generation’s company culture.



Thinking about your own professional ethics? In this final video of our three-part series, Susan, Jeff, and Kelsey are back using the insight from their own personal and professional experiences to share tips and advice.





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