Broadcast Resources

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

To be the media outreach company on all platforms and mediums that best matches those that have important stories to tell with listeners and viewers seeking information.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of media consumers through powerful and impactful stories that allow them the freedom and ability to make more informed decisions.

Our Core Values

  • Creativity: We work for our clients, free from a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. We are open-minded, and we feel free to be continually curious and explore new and divergent directions that push us to be better and more creative with each effort.
  • Passion: We are passionately loyal to the substance and quality of our work. We tenaciously follow through on our commitment to do our best work on each client project and are dedicated to delivering the best content possible to our media partners.
  • Collaboration: We understand success is only possible through proactive, meaningful collaboration with each other as a team, and with our external clients and media/station/network partners.  Each project is a collaborative effort to create real change in the world around us.
  • Impact: We believe in the power of information. We partner with clients to create work that makes a real difference in the world, and we believe in the power of media to affect change. We strive to have an impactful role in the success of our team.
  • Integrity: We are responsible for our own actions and take seriously our role in the team and in each client project. We understand the critical factor for success is holding ourselves accountable. We believe that the best work comes from being open, honest and personal. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and quality.