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Journalists around the country know News Generation as the high-quality content providers. We offer them interviews with newsmakers and experts in subject areas from health to advocacy, to entertainment and finances. We are storytellers, no matter the medium. We are now, more than ever, feeling connected to our local Maryland roots and would love the chance to work with fellow local Montgomery County-area organizations on public relations efforts.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Writing and Distribution of Press Content – With your messaging guidance, writing press releases for use on your website and for distribution to targeted media.
  • Pitching Local Media – Targeting reporters and media outlets to engage with specific news announcements from your organization, fostering that relationship, and seeing the story through to the end.
  • Developing or Updating the Media Page on Websites – Creating, if necessary, your media page. If it is already developed, we will work to maintain and manage that page to make it easiest for reporters to find the news and content they need.
  • Developing Public Service Campaigns – Developing the messaging of public service announcement campaigns, and working with you to produce & distribute the final product to media – whether it’s for print, web, radio, or television distribution.
  • Creating Content for Websites and Blogs – Writing copy for your website and/or ghostwriting thought-leadership articles for you to host on your blog on topics pertinent to your organization and of interest to your audiences.
  • Developing and Managing Social Media – Establishing your social media accounts, if necessary, and managing the schedule of posting, updating and engaging with your customers/members.
  • Training Spokespeople and Staff for Media Interviews – Conducting media training seminars for your spokespeople and team members, including dos and don’ts, strategies for bridging back to your key messages, steering the conversation with reporters and conducting mock interviews.
  • Producing Podcasts – Full Production services, including conceptualizing, interviewing the spokesperson, editing, and narrating, if desired.
  • Producing Videos – Conceptualizing, writing, producing, filming, and editing videos for your organization.
  • Developing Media Messaging – Working with your key team members to develop your messaging. This can include internal messaging, messaging to stakeholders, messaging to your target audience and messaging to the media by determining what is most newsworthy.

We are a team of former journalists, broadcasters and lifelong communicators, living and working in the Washington, DC area.  We are members of your community. We would be happy to set up a phone call or meet with you in person to discuss any ideas further. Please reach Susan at or 301-664-6448.

Examples of how above can help your organization:

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