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You hear the term media relations a lot in the PR industry. Things like, “We want to do media relations” or “We want to get news coverage.” But, what are people really getting at when they say that? Do they want coverage anywhere and everywhere they can get it? Or do they want coverage specifically targeted to certain types of media, or in certain geographic regions, or reaching audiences with particular lifestyles and values?

To truly understand media relations, we have to break it down a lot further. It’s about relationships, it’s about truly offering the journalist value, and it’s about realizing the same goal of having the audience be more informed than they were before consuming the news.

True media relations results in earned media coverage. The lines are certainly blurring between advertising, marketing, communications, and public relations. There may be a place for “guaranteed” placements or sponsored content through media organizations. But media relations is earned, and it’s earned based on that relationship you’ve been able to build, and the merit and newsworthiness of the news you’re pitching.

It airs in news or public affairs programming. It runs in the newspaper or online without “sponsored content” written in smaller print above it. Can’t tell the difference between it and the other stories? Exactly. It is news.

We believe a successful campaign often encompasses paid, earned, shared and owned components. We just believe that media relations, the earned component of a campaign, cannot be overlooked. It’s what offers credibility and validity to the work we’re doing as PR practitioners to educate, inform and take care of our audiences.

To help you distinguish between the types of media available to your company:

Paid – Refers to exposure gained through on and offline advertising, including pay-per-click, social media ads, retargeting, display ads, TV and radio spots, and so forth.

Owned – The web properties you have direct control over, such as your website, blogs, social media channels, and mobile apps.

Shared – Exposure your brand earns through quality content that is shared by individuals on social media and their own websites.

Earned – When your company is deemed newsworthy and reported on objectively by journalists and news organizations for the good of the public, you have earned media placement. There is no understating the value of coverage from a credible news organization, and that’s exactly what we achieve for our clients.

To discuss how media relations fits into your company’s communication mix, get in touch with us today.