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Promotions are earned media outreach, executed in a number of ways through vehicles such as product or experience giveaways, trivia contests and morning show mentions. The size and depth of the promotion depends on the type and amount of products or services that is being given to the end users as prizes in exchange for air-time.

Benefits of Service:

  • Provides exposure for a product or service through product or experience giveaways, on-air trivia contests and/or giveaway mentions.

The Service Includes:

  • Securing commitment from a predetermined number of stations and networks in advance of airing;
  • Providing confirmation on all on-air mentions and details of each station promotion to include all listenership details and advertising equivalencies.

To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Commitment to send products and services to a pre-determined number of stations or networks;
  • Offering of a spokesperson if the station is interested in conducting an interview during each station’s promotion;
  • Provide proof to stations that the products are shipped to stations/listeners in a timely manner.