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Public Service Announcements

A public service announcement (PSA) is a produced audio reports or written scripts from a non-profit organization, foundation or charity, and generally run 15 seconds and/or 30 seconds in length. PSAs are generated for on-air use by radio stations and networks to promote a specific message aimed at increasing public awareness or having listeners take specific action on an issue.

Benefits of Service:

  • Builds an organization’s image and drives action; and
  • Gives organization ability to localize a national story.

The Service Includes:

  • Consultation on creative work and production of PSA;
  • Professional voice-over with production;
  • Targeting appropriate stations and/or networks;
  • Writing a cover letter to accompany the PSA;
  • Distributing cover letter and scripts via broadcast alert;
  • Placement on our content website,;
  • Personalized phone pitching to public service directors in targeted areas of the country;
  • Verification of usage to 100% of accepting stations/networks;
  • Engaging monitoring companies to help verify usage;
  • Interim update on usage roughly halfway through the follow-up process; and
  • Final Broadcast Usage Report to include full usage information.

To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Background information — a press kit, press releases, fact sheets, and/or articles to write the cover letter and public service announcement copy;
  • At least five business days lead time; and
  • Basic demographic and geographic information for targeting.

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