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Radio Media Tours

A radio media tour (RMT) is a series of back-to-back radio interviews that allows a spokesperson to be interviewed by multiple radio stations and/or networks within a few hours. RMTs generally take about two to four hours of the spokesperson’s time, depending on how many interviews are completed. Interviews are typically booked in ten-minute windows, allowing a maximum of six scheduled interviews per hour.

We also provide onsite coverage for conferences and conventions.

Benefits of Service:

  • Effective use of spokesperson’s time;
  • Allows spokesperson direct interaction with reporters; and
  • Maximizes on-air time for your spokesperson, organization and issue.

The Service Includes:

  • Writing the pitch notification (with your final approval);
  • Targeting appropriate stations and/or networks;
  • Personalized phone pitching, and sending background information to interested stations and networks;
  • Booking interviews during designated interview times;
  • Issuing a broadcast alert, if necessary;
  • Twenty-Minute Media Training for your spokesperson;
  • Emailing scheduled stations and networks background information;
  • Confirming scheduled interviews approximately 24 hours in advance;
  • Teleconferencing with a dedicated News Generation moderator;
  • One open line into the teleconference for you or your client to listen in;
  • Placement on our content website,;
  • Audio copy of each interview from the tour;
  • Verification of usage to 100% of stations/networks conducting interviews;
  • Engaging monitoring companies to help verify usage; and
  • Final Broadcast Usage Report to include full usage information five business days after the tour.

To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Background information — a press kit, press releases, fact sheets, and/or articles to write the pitch notification;
  • Spokesperson’s availability — date(s) and times, allowing for about five to six interviews per hour;
  • Minimum of ten business days lead time; and
  • Basic demographic and geographic information for targeting.

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