Podcasting is an exciting technology that is allowing listeners to essentially program their own radio stations through their own iPod or MP3 players. Used primarily for music, iPods and MP3 players make radio even more portable and personal that it has been in the past. This new technology has provided some challenges for traditional radio, and we’re seeing that they are stepping up to the challenge to continue their listenership throughout the day.

Many radio stations now providing some of their content via podcasts. Pioneers in providing rich content for iPods and MP3 players include National Public Radio and Public Radio International, which both provide nearly all of their programming via podcast, allowing the listener to pick and choose when and where to listen to their programming. One quick peek at a radio station’s website will reveal which stations are podcasting their own programming for listeners to download.

Broadcasters on the other hand, are not as quick to air information from a podcast as they are to podcast themselves. Since anyone can become a podcaster, news producers are a little more leery to turn around and provide that information to their listeners since vetting it’s authenticity becomes a challenge. Further, podcasting is a to consumer medium, which is the same audience the stations are trying to capture, so stations aren’t a natural audience for a podcast like an average radio listener would be.

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