The best types of stories for radio can be generally categorized as “news you can use.” Pocketbook issues, health information, safety tips, anything that can be translated to a person’s everyday life, is what works best on radio. Keep in mind that radio provides access to a demographic better than any other mass communication medium, so think about what the women age 25+ listening to an adult contemporary station would want out of a story versus an 18+ man listening to an album rock station and coordinate your message accordingly.

Since radio is a consumer medium, keeping your average radio listener in mind is key to pitching a story that works well on radio. One good way of doing this is to becoming a savvy radio listener yourself. What is it that you are looking for in a good news story? What kind of information are looking for in a newscast? By tuning in to what you would look for as a radio listener, you can tap into radio’s power.

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