What are some of the ways an organization can determine whether to use a radio media tour or an audio news release to get exposure for an issue?

Audio news releases work when the story has one consistent, straightforward message. A general rule of thumb is: if a story can fit on one page, with double-spaced lines, then the issue is straightforward enough to use an audio news release. Also, when there is a breaking news situation, an audio news release is the best method to use since it has such a quick turnaround time.

If the issue is a little more involved and warrants more explanation than a 60-second release can contain, consider a radio media tour. For issues such as new medical treatments, a multi-faceted financial or high tech story or an issue discussed as the focus of a television program, a radio media tour is the best option. That way spokespeople can really interact with reporters to provide more explanation of their issues and maximize their on-air time. And, it also gives the reporter the opportunity to take a certain angle they may be interested in.

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