Broadcast Resources

Audio Bite Lines

An audio bite line is a web link at for stations and networks to download or record sound bites and/or an audio news release.  A broadcast alert is sent to stations and networks regarding availability of the audio.  A brief introduction and description of the story precedes the audio.  Each station and/or network downloading the sound is contacted to determine usage.  In addition, a random sample of stations and networks are contacted to determine potential audience reach figures.

Benefits of Service:

  • Maximize exposure by reaching many stations/networks simultaneously and cost effectively; and
  • Effective in quick turnaround situations, if necessary (about two hours).

The Service Includes:

  • Writing the broadcast alert (with your final approval);
  • Recording spokesperson’s sound bite(s) over the phone;
  • Scripting and voicing the introduction;
  • Producing and placing the sound on content website:;
  • Making the line available for two full business days (longer, if requested);
  • Targeting appropriate stations and/or networks;
  • Distributing a broadcast alert to a predetermined number of stations/networks;
  • Verification of usage with each station/network downloading the sound;
  • Additional verification of usage through a 10% random sample of stations/networks;
  • Interim updates on usage during the follow-up process; and
  • Final Broadcast Usage Report to include full usage information.

To Begin the Service, the Following is Needed:

  • Background information—a press kit, press releases,
    fact sheets, and/or articles to write the broadcast
  • Audio for the line—sound can come from video, an
    ANR (audio news release), a press conference, or by
    recording the spokesperson over the phone;
  • Two hours or more lead time; and
  • Basic demographic and geographic information
    for targeting.